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Let us broker your piano! 

 We do not deal with cheaply made, low quality, pianos. First we are hired to carefully inspect it to make sure that it is in good shape, or that any repairs or upgrades that it needs will have integrity. We will then do the work we feel is needed within reason. If we are going to sell a piano for you, plan on some work needed on it to be able to sell it.

 Let us find you a piano!

In addition, if you give us the basic details as to what you want in a piano, as well as a reasonable price range that you are willing to afford, we can often find the right instrument for you, saving you the hassle of attempting to make a sound purchase in a field that you probably know little about. We have matched many people up with instruments this way.

You may also hire us to do a pre-purchase

inspection of any piano you may have found and want a second opinion on.

Cell Phone: 603-686-2395 (Texting will usually get a 

quicker response).

 We also partner with reputable firms like Rick Jones Pianos in Beltsville, MD in finding good pianos for our clients. He has a very wide selection of used instruments available. We know him personally from the time we spent living and working in the Washington, DC area. Please tell him we sent you.

  Please let us know about any work you want done by us on your family heirloom. We have been restoring fine grand and vertical pianos for 44 years to date. They are usually stunningly beautiful to look at, as well as gorgeous sounding when properly restored, and at considerably less cost than that of a comparable new instrument. However, the emotional impact of a family-owned instrument essentially "brought back from the dead" is difficult to describe. We have experienced this many times. We have hundreds of satisfied customers!  

If you want to contact The Piano Doctor directly, please email Peter Grey at [email protected] Thank you!